July 13, 2011

Tip of the day—Make sure you have everything with you before you go

Yesterday my hand was hurting.  As you all know, I cut my thumb on Sunday night, and it was throbbing most of the day.  Yet, we needed some basic groceries, and I decided to make a quick trip to Kroger in the afternoon.  I guess I wasn’t very “with it” because I forgot my list and a good chunk of my coupons, making the trip almost a complete waste of time.  Since many of the cheapies and freebies from the Mega Event weren’t really ones that I needed, I decided to just stick with the basics and try again next week. 

Before I make a shopping trip, I have a little checklist that I usually remember to run through--

  • Have I taken time to look over the matchups online and have I checked them today to see if any new ones were added?  Almost every time I make a trip to Target, I return home to find another deal was uncovered.  Oh well!
  • Do I have my shopping list and my monthly needs list with me?  I recommend to readers that you make a monthly needs list—all of those things that you think you might need to buy at the store in a given month.  If you spot a clearance deal or good price that was unadvertised, your needs list will cue you, and you can pick it up. 
  • Do I have my coupon bag with me?  I’ve become so darn lazy at organizing coupons.  I blame it on having a ton going on in my life, but I do find that keeping them all together in one bag is helpful.  I have those extra coupons with me if I see a deal that I didn’t have on my list.
  • Do I have my clipped coupons attached to my list?  This makes shopping much easier because I don’t have to search for the coupons that I know I’ll need that day.
  • Are there any coupons that I should load to my card before I go?  I’m loading a lot less coupons these days, but every so often there is a good deal to be found with one.  There is a new coupon loading program that you might want to look into if you haven’t already.  It CAN be used with paper coupons.
  • Have I checked my budget to see where we are in spending for the month?  I want to make sure that I don’t overspend for the month and that I plan my purchases with my budget in mind.

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