July 18, 2011

Tip of the day—Swap out with a friend

Earlier in the year when we went to Disney, a friend tended our garden for us so that all of the new plantings didn’t die while we were away.  This week, I’m returning the favor and tending hers and checking on her chickens.  Yesterday when I returned home from picking and watering at her house, I had two full bags of vegetables and a beautiful fresh egg from one of her chickens (only one of them is laying now).  I was thrilled to have some produce that we don’t have in our garden!

Not only does it save both of us money because we don’t have to hire someone to tend to our homes, but it also adds a little diversity to our dinner plates.  She picked fresh greens, early cabbage and bok choy and garlic scapes from our bed, and I picked purple hull peas, okra, and huge carrots from hers.  Win, win!

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