July 17, 2011

Using the Glut of Zukes and Squashes

Zucchini0110 If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I have a fridge full of zucchini at my house.  Not only do I have yellow squash, Cavili, and Milano zucchini all producing, but my dad has 3 large plants of Black Beauty zuke at his house.  Then, a church friend called and asked if she could pass some zucchini my way.  She was at the point that she was ready to throw them out, and I thought I could do something with them for the children’s program. 

We use a lot of squash at our house.  I do my fair share of preserving it, but when it comes to making food for a group of children with varied tastes, I needed some ideas.  Readers came through with some great recipes and ideas for me, and I so appreciate it.  Hannah of Frugally Farming Family has even written a great post on the subject.  You can review a post I wrote on the same subject a few years ago for a few more ideas. 

Yesterday I made two batches of Hannah’s squash pickles/relish.  The first recipe I made as it reads.  For the second I used 2 jalapenos with seeds, 1 seeded and deveined, and a couple of more banana peppers in the place of some of the bell peppers.  The result was a sweet, hot relish that will be perfect for hot dogs.  Yum! (Obviously not for the kiddos, though).

Try some of the recipes that I’ve linked, and please feel free to share any zuke tips or ideas with me that you have.  I still have a ton in the fridge, and I could use any that you’d like to share!

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