August 10, 2011

A Day of Fun and Deals

DSC_5955 Today, daughter and I had a girl day of fun. 

First on the route, I stopped by the Double Drive Thru Chick-fil-a for a FREE drink with last month’s calendar coupon.  Did you know that if you don’t want the item on the coupon and prefer something for equal or lesser value that they will let you switch?  Instead of lemonade, I opted for their yummy tea.

Next we stopped into the mall.  I shared some coupon love with a lady who had pulled her car through the parking place, allowing us to park right behind her in a good spot.  I gave her the $10/$25 coupon I had received in the mail this week.  I used the $10/$10 coupon, also received by mail,  to score the two shirts shown in the picture for $5.44.  One is a 3/4 inch sleeve, and the other is short sleeved. 

We then stopped by Manorhouse Assisted Living to donate a bag of goodies that were free after coupons.  They were thrilled with the donations and said that they will put them to good use.  One of the reasons I love couponing is because it allows me to give more.

For our next trip, we stopped into Staples and used this coupon to score 300 free labels.  Since I was picking them up for the church, I asked if they would give them to me without printing.  They did, and we helped to save the church almost $10!  There was no tax on this purchase, and since it was on our route, it was an easy freebie!

Then we hopped over to World Market to use the $10/$10 coupon I had received for my birthday because I’m a World Market Explorer member.  I picked up a couple of packs of hummus, some Snap Pea Crisps (not shown), half off pack of jelly beans, 1 bag of rum BBQ chips, 1 bag of Jamaican Jerk chips, and 1 Ginger People ginger syrup.  The hummus and pea crisps will be used for our daughter’s lunches.  The jelly beans were a treat for her.  The two bags of chips are a special treat for Hubby.  He’s so amazing about never complaining about packing a lunch every work day, and I try to pick up special things for him every now and again as a way to thank him.  The ginger syrup was something I had wanted to try on pancakes, and it was my special birthday treat.  Out of pocket expense after coupon for all of that was only 57cts!!

Next we drove towards our area of town for a trip to the Knoxville Museum of Art.  Did you know that they are offering free admission?  We have wanted to make a trip to the museum all summer, and I’m so glad that we finally made it.  Some of the exhibit areas were closed for new installations, but we still enjoyed ourselves.  It was nice to talk with our daughter about the different mediums, different styles, importance of balance in art, moods of paintings and sculptures, and interpretation of art.  She was an art lover before, but now she’s really jazzed up about it.  I’ll have to see what classes are coming soon at Chickamauga Art as a way to build on that excitement. 

Our last stop before heading over to PawPaw’s for an afternoon visit was to Three Rivers Market.  Since they are moving their store, they are having some special sales for members/shareholders.  Today’s sale was for 25% off refrigerated and frozen foods, excluding beer.  I bought the following.  Prices noted are after the discount from today’s sale.  Remember, this discount is only for members.

1 lb Benton’s Bacon, $5.61
1 lb Organic Valley Salted Butter, used $1/1 coupon--$3.64
1 gallon Cruze Dairy Farm whole milk--$4.49 (remember this is organically grown!)
1 Brown Cow Plain Yogurt (32 oz), $2.69 (could have saved another 50cts if I had thought to print this coupon before I left)
1 Organic Valley Neufchatel Cheese (8 oz), used 75ct/1 coupon--$1.34
1 small block Gouda (Hubby’s favorite), $1.74
2 Alexia Garlic French Baguettes, used 2 $1/1 coupons –$.98 for both
2 Kettle Chips, used 2 $1/1 coupons (not part of the 25% off sale), $1.58 for two

We made a big loop around town, and the deals were great! 


  1. You're amazing. I love that you "give back" by helping out your church and nursing homes, etc. with your savings. You will be blessed!!! HOPE you have a great rest of the week!!!

  2. Thanks for your uplifting words!! You are such a blessing in my life--one of these days we'll have to meet in person!