August 1, 2011

Local Blogger Interview—Coupon Katie

50232_159474417431145_943255_nI was a busy bee last week preparing for the Knoxville News-Sentinel Coupon Expo, and I didn’t get a chance to write up this post.  As you all know, I've been highlighting a few of the bloggers in our area over the last few weeks.  These women are amazing people who have touched my life in such profound ways.  Reading their blogs has become a part of my daily routine, and they are such wonderful sources of information and inspiration. 

One of those women is Coupon Katie.  If you don’t yet know about Katie, then you probably haven’t read the paper, watched TV or been on the computer lately.  Not only is she a busy mom of 3 with another on the way, she is an active blogger who can also be seen regularly on WBIR and FOX43 sharing deals.  She loves saving money, but even more so loves the freedom it has given her to be a stay-at-home mom to her adorable kiddos.  To learn more about Katie’s story, you can watch the WBIR interview with Abby Ham here.

Katie and I met in person for the first time because of her giving spirit.  Back in 2009, when Walgreens and CVS were regularly running moneymaker deals on blood glucose meters, I had posted on my blog that I would help find a good home for any that people wanted to donate.  Katie had a case of meters, and we met at my church.   I remember before our meeting being a little nervous, after all she was a budding local celebrity.  Would she be nice?  How would she be in “real life”?  All of those worries quickly faded away.  She and I had both been blogging for a while, and we instantly started talking about the deals, blogging, and coupons. I think we visited for nearly an hour that day, and I’m so proud to now count her as my friend. 

I’ve learned a lot from Katie over the few years I’ve known her.  Yes, I’ve learned about some great deals she’s uncovered, but much more than that I’ve been inspired by her kind heart and strong faith.  I’ve been impressed by her degree of professionalism, and it has been a joy to work with her at both of the coupon fairs that we’ve had at Faith UMC.  As some of you know, she had a health scare last year and was unable to attend the fair at the last minute, but she was still doing a lot of behind the scenes work to provide handouts, help with publicity, and make important connections.  I am so proud of all she’s accomplished in her blogging career and for the message of hope she gives her readers. 

Read my interview with Katie below and be sure to “Like” her on Facebook and check out her blog if you haven’t already.  You’ll see why she’s one of my favorite people and a fantastic resource to help you in your money saving journey.

CICT:  Tell us a little bit about how you started blogging.

Katie:  I started blogging after "persistent encouragement" from my husband. He was amazed by the money we were saving with coupons and thought that we need to tell everyone we knew how to save too. He actually set up all the technical stuff for Coupon Katie and slowly I took over all the content.


CICT:  What do you like the most about blogging?

Katie:  It has allowed me to meet so many amazing people and do things I would have never had the opportunity to do otherwise. I love that it allows me to help local families make their budgets work and take advantage of free/frugal events here in Knoxville.  My heart is to teach others and encourage them on their frugal adventures.


CICT:  What are some of your favorite posts that you’ve written or types of posts that you write?

Katie:  I love writing about new frugal things I am trying. Like cleaning with used dryer sheets or making my own bread. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't,  but I always get great ideas and suggestions from my readers. I think these kind of real life posts remind everyone that in the midst of all my coupons and blogging I am still just a regular stay at home mom with  kids that need fed and a house that needs cleaned. :)

CICT:  I have learned so much from your posts!  It is one thing to hear about an idea or tip from someone like Martha Stewart who has an entire workforce at her disposal and it is another to hear about a real person trying something new.


CICT:  What are some things that you’ve learned through blogging?

Katie:  I have learned that blogging is hard work. I have definitely become better at planning and scheduling my time. I have also learned that we have a great city full of great places and people.


CICT:  What do you hope that your readers get out of your blog and your work?

Katie:  I hope they feel empowered to take control of their household finances. I hope Coupon Katie helps them find great deals and get excited about that. I hope that the story of my family's frugal efforts is encouraging (and also a little entertaining)

CICT:  Katie, you are indeed empowering!  I’m so glad that your hubby decided to set up the blog and encouraged you to get started.  Isn’t it awe inspiring to think of how many people you might have helped to get out of debt and live a simpler and richer life all because of blogging?!  God definitely had a plan for you and continues to use you to help so many people in need.  Thank you for your blog and for your friendship!

If you haven’t yet hopped over to Katie’s blog, what are you waiting for?   Watch her on the news, read her Facebook entries, and delve into her blog—I know you’ll be glad you did!

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