August 27, 2011

Tip of the day--Reselling

My friend Sharon recently shared a great tip.  She was cleaning out their videos and decided to try and resell some of them online.  She took inventory of what they had and then hopped online to see what they would be worth.  She was pleasantly surprised to learn that an unopened copy of a cartoon series they had was a collectors item, and she sold it for over $100!  All of the other items that they put online sold within a few days, making it well worth her time and effort.

Sharon adds that she finds Amazon easier for media related items as compared to e-Bay.   “Now is especially a good time - pre-holiday, to get things ready to sell.  We've always had extremely good luck in posting our items on Thursday or Friday evening since folks have either just been paid, and/or have more time to shop on-line during the weekend.”

This weekend, you might want to clean out the house and see what you can resell.  Thanks for the tip, Sharon!!

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