August 31, 2011

Tip of the day—A couple of uses for leftover coffee

I don’t drink coffee very often.  It was always a social drink that I had with my family, and I never really developed the habit of making it my morning pick-me-up.  When I do drink it, I almost always end up making too much of it for just me to drink.  Instead of throwing it away, I sometimes pop it into the fridge and use it the following morning as an iced coffee with a bit of milk and sugar.  If you aren’t a fan of iced coffee, let it cool and then add it to your watering cans when watering outdoor plants.  The extra bit of nitrogen acts as a fertilizer. 

Wondering what to do with the grounds?  Pop the paper filter and all into your compost pile or use them at the base of your plants.  Again, this acts as a bit of a nitrogen boost for your plants.  When I had more roses in my garden, I would blend my own little fertilizer concoction for them—banana peels, egg shells and coffee grounds.  (Potassium, calcium and nitrogen)  I would whirl them in the blender with a bit of leftover coffee and pour them at the base of the rose plants. 

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