August 22, 2011

Tip of the day—Birthday Freebies

If you read my post on menu planning yesterday, you know that this week I have a birthday.  Because I sign up for just about anything free possible, I’ve had a lot of freebies roll in this week.  To sign up for freebies, visit this site for a pretty full list.

Some of my favorites from the ones I’ve received:

IHOP—sign up for their club, and they’ll send you a FREE meal for your birthday.  Since daughter also eats free in August for supper, we went one night last week instead of eating leftovers and only had to pay for Hubby’s meal.  All three of us dined for a little more than $11 (counting a good tip—remember to calculate your tip with the amount that you would have paid without discounts or freebies)!

Moe’s Southwest Grill—Sign up for their club, and you’ll receive an email coupon for a FREE complimentary entree.  The last few years this has only been available on your birthday, but this year it says that it expires a few days after my birthday. FREE lunch will be in the schedule this week!

McAlister’s Deli sent me a coupon for $5 off of an entree.  Since their entrees are pretty reasonably priced, this will make for a great deal!  The coupon doesn’t expire until next week, and I’ll try to make it out on a Wednesday night when our daughter will also eat for free there with adult entree purchase.  We have a coupon for a free tea, too.  So, we’ll pay for Hubby’s entree and a few dollars on mine, get daughter’s free, $5 off, and a tea for free.  BINGO!

Braziero’s, a local restaurant, gives FREE desserts on your birthday.  Since daughter dines for free and Hubby and my dad have coupons for a FREE lunch there, we’ll all be able to enjoy a really nice meal out for my birthday at a fraction of what it would have cost.


  1. Too bad my birthday was yesterday - guess I can sign up now and look forward to all of these goodies next year! Thanks!