August 1, 2011

Tip of the day—Did you know that Three Rivers Market stacks coupons?

Neither did I, and I’ve been shopping there for years!  When I was compiling information for my coupon workshop, I talked to the staff there about their coupon policy.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that you can use coupons from the Co-op Deals coupon booklet with manufacturer coupon, unless the coupon states otherwise.  How fantastic is that!?  Below is more information on their coupon policy:

  • Three Rivers Market (TRM) is Knoxville's food co-op- 100% local and independent since 1981
  • Will not accept expired or competitor coupons
  • Additional savings available through Co-op Deals coupon booklets—watch for them in the front of the store or ask store personnel. These coupons can only be used at Co-op Deals Stores/Three Rivers Market. TRM also clips coupons and makes them available on store shelves for customers.
  • Will stack coupons—you can use the Co-op Deals booklet coupons with manufacturer coupons, unless the coupon states otherwise
  • Become an owner of the co-op for extra savings! When you become an owner/member of the co-op you receive a special coupon sheet with over $14.00 in savings, extra sale prices on over 100 items throughout the store, 10% discount on all case purchases, and, starting in the new store, you'll be eligible to receive weekly member specials on select items throughout the store. For more information on membership, stop in the store and ask any store personnel for assistance.
  • If you are an owner and are purchasing a case at a 10% discount, you can use coupons for each item in the case unless the coupon limits the number of uses per transaction. Ex—purchase a case of Annie’s mac and cheese, 12 boxes per case. If I have twelve 50ct/1 Annie’s coupons, I can use all of them. Some newer coupons now state “Limit 4 per transaction”. If the coupons say this, I can still use 4 for your case purchase transaction.
  • Bi-monthly sales ad from Co-op Deals Stores with additional produce sales from Three Rivers Market. Go to or to my blog for matchups.

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