August 13, 2011

Tip of the day—Don’t forget the other teachers

I’ve told you all that my sister is a music teacher and my aunt was an art teacher.  (Now my aunt teaches college students how to be art teachers).  Their zest and excitement for working with children is such an inspiration.  I don’t know that I could do what they do, much less do it as well as they do. 

I say this because many of you have children starting school next week.  Many of your children’s teachers will have wish lists posted with things they either want or need for their classrooms.  I hope you’ll take the time to copy down their lists.  I also hope that you will seek out the music, art and gym teachers as well as the school librarian to ask if they have any special requests. I know that they will very much appreciate your taking the time to ask.  Those teachers are often forgotten by parents, but they play a valuable role in your child’s education.

As couponers we often pick up sharpies, hand sanitizer, tissues, and other supplies for free.  Teachers and school staff of all types will greatly appreciate your donations!

Also, when you go to visit your school take time to meet everyone.  My sister loves it when parents take the time to come into her class and ask questions.  So often music, art and other teachers are bi-passed, but the work that they do makes a lasting impression on your children.  Support them—with your prayers, with your extra school supplies, with your compliments, and with your enthusiasm.  Let them know that the work that they do makes a difference! 

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