August 30, 2011

Tip of the day—Lipstick on glasses

I’m not sure how useful this tip is going to be for some of you, but as I’m sipping on coffee this morning, I thought of posting it.  A while back I learned a little tip on how to keep lipstick off of drinking glasses.  Let’s say you are at a fancy party with your favorite shade of lip rouge on your smackers.  You are sipping on a glass of (fill in the blank) and you look down to see a lipstick mark on your glass.  Your glass looks a little unsightly, and if you are anything like me you feel the compulsion to grab a cocktail napkin and wipe it off. To prevent this in the future, discreetly lick the rim of the glass where your lip would normally touch before sipping.  Note that I’m saying discreetly—don’t be gross about it.  The moisture on the glass keeps your lipstick from transferring off.  Maybe a big smudge of lipstick doesn’t bother anyone else but me, but I always feel better when I remember to use this tip when at a swanky shindig. 

Can you tell that my brain is a little tired this morning?  Sorry that I don’t have a better tip to offer you!  ;)  Have a wonderful day!

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