August 5, 2011

A reader changed my thoughts on the tip of the day!

Earlier today I wrote a tip that I received from one of the attendees at the coupon expo this weekend that suggested having more than one ExtraCare card.  A reader named Judy left a comment, which I encourage you to read.  She changed my mind on this tip and brought up a point I hadn’t considered.  The lady at the workshop said that she was buying for her grandmother and I think she said an aunt.  When I buy, I usually buy for myself and for the church, often opting to give the church food pantry the deal instead of myself.  I had thought about having multiple CVS cards as a a positive when used appropriately.  I didn’t gather that the lady at the workshop was suggesting to empty the shelves, nor was I planning to.  Yet, I do realize that some extremists would.  For that reason, I’ve reconsidered this tip.  Never would I want to give any of you the impression that I would want for you to do something unethical when shopping, and I very much apologize if you thought that I was.  Thank you Judy for leaving a comment and for showing me another thought on this topic!

An attendee at the coupon expo last weekend passed on a great tip.  She has multiple ExtraCare Cards for CVS and explained that she often shops for her relatives. This allows her to make several transactions, and she doesn’t have to worry about the limit on ECB deals as much. 

I suggest that you don’t abuse the system—if you are helping out relatives, this is a great way to do so!  For me, it would allow me to make purchases for our family and separate purchases for the food pantry.  Just save some deals for the rest of us!


  1. I could not disagree with you more. The crazy extreme coupon people who clear the shelves do this. It is horrible practice and shame on you for endorsing it. It is one per person/household for a reason. This is asking to be abused. People who want the deal with their one card and who follow the rules don't get the deal b/c people with more then one card go in a grab everything on sale.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Judy. See my response above. So glad you took the time to share your opinion!

  3. I feel that if you are really shopping for your aunt or grandma who are not able to shop for them selves then that is not abusing the limits. There are always ppl who are going to abuse the system. The main thing to remember is that ppl who use coupons are being judged very harshly right now because a few "Bad Apples", so why not be fair and go by the rules. I highly doubt that Gabrielle meant to encourage dishonesty in any way:)