September 29, 2011

Bruster’s Knoxville Family Theme Nights

costume Dress up as a character from your Favorite Movie, and get a Discount at Knoxville area Bruster’s locations. 

We will be choosing a weekend every month to host a "Family Theme Nights" party, beginning October 1st! This month's Theme is Movie Characters, dress up as your favorite character from any movie, and get a great discount!
Buy one Get one Half-off any item! Offer Valid for Saturday, October 1st and Sunday, October 2nd...all Day Long!

There is also a contest going on to win a $25 gift card:

Ok Bruster's fans, we need your help! When deciding on our upcoming Family Theme Night categories, it was easy for our first one (Movie Themed), a no-brainer for our second one (Halloween), and just plain fun for our fourth one (Tacky Christmas Sweater). But, here's the deal, we need your suggestions for November's Theme! The person or family who chooses the most creative idea will get a $25 Gift Card to use in any of our stores! Just respond to this post with your suggestions. Tell your friends to cast their votes too, so we can make this interesting!

Thanks, Pat!

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