September 15, 2011

Tip of the day—Don’t forget who is in charge

Yesterday I was mad.  I was the kind of mad when you don’t really think clearly, and I won’t get into the event that triggered my ire.  What I do want to share is what happened afterwards.  Even in the midst of that anger and fuming, God put in my heart to call our pastor’s wife.  She’s one of the nicest and funniest people you’ve ever met.  She’s has a quick whit about her, and she can always cheer a person up.  I knew she would be a good ear and I also knew she wouldn’t try and placate me or rush in to fix the problem.  She listened, empathized, and then helped me to problem solve.  She put me in a completely different frame of mind than I was in before, and I truly believe that God led me to talk with her.  That conversation triggered a series of events, and in less than an hour, I could clearly see God’s plan in all of it.  It was so clear that the way it turned out to be was how He wanted it to be all along. 

So often I find myself mired in the moment—quick to become emotional and then stuck in that emotion and not moving forward.  Ever feel like that?  Get so caught up in what you are upset about that you lose sight of what is really important?  Today, remind yourself of who is in charge.  When you notice yourself feeling stuck in your anger, frustration, hopelessness, fatigue… take a deep breath and decide instead to watch how it unfolds.  You just might be surprised at how God uses those little hiccups in life, those little hiccups that seem like really huge, terrible things in the moment, to work His plan. 


  1. Gabe, thank you for posting this. I really needed to read these words right now. Great perspective!

  2. I was just sitting here having one of those moments - thank you for the reminder! I'm feeling better already.