September 3, 2011

Tip of the day—Look at future sales ads

Whenever possible, I try to compare future sales ads with ones that are currently running.  This allows me to see if the price for the same item might be less expensive in the near future.  For instance, tissues might be 79cts at Walgreens one week and 69cts the following.  Whenever I do this, I also factor my coupons into the equation.  If I have a coupon that expires before the next sales period, sometimes I’ll come out cheaper buying the item at a higher price. 

How do I look at future sales ads?

Three Rivers Market posts the current and upcoming sales ad for Co-op Deals stores. and has a section in the right hand column of the blog that lists sales ads for future weeks that are available for viewing. 

Hot Coupon World, while not the most easily navigated of sites, sometimes has postings of future sales ads.  I’ve seen Kroger and Target on there before and many other stores that aren’t in our immediate area. for our regional sales ad posts the future week’s ad on Saturday.  For that reason, I’ll sometimes wait until Saturday to do my shopping so that I can compare prices. 

You can also search the name of the store and the dates for the week that you are interested in viewing.  Sometimes this will direct you to a posting.  Some stores readily offer future sales ads, while others keep them under lock and key. 

Are there any other websites you’ve found helpful in viewing future sales ads?  Please include them in the comments section.  I’d love to have some new leads!

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