September 12, 2011

Tip of the day—Saving on S&H

Whenever I’m at a catalog party (Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Premier Jewelry, etc) and want to place an order, I try to combine my order with a friend.  Most companies have a shipping and handling fee for each order, and by pairing our orders together we each save a few dollars.  This was suggested to be my a salesperson once, and she never minded customers doing this because it usually meant that they were going to buy a little more.  If I can save $2 or $3 from my shipping, I can use that money towards something else that I might need or want.  Of course, I can also keep the money in my checking account and not spend it, too. 

While on the subject, I always ask about the monthly specials at parties.  Sometimes the salesperson forgets to mention it, and these are almost always the best buys from the show. 

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