September 28, 2011

Tip of the day—Share some coupon love

The next time you are in the grocery store, I encourage you to be a coupon fairy.  If you see someone in the same aisle as you looking for a product that you have an extra coupon for, share it.  If you are waiting in a long line at checkout, glance at the next person’s cart and offer to share a coupon if you have an extra one for something that they are purchasing.  If you see a new couponer, offer him or her some encouragement—it does get easier and faster as you coupon longer.  Talk to fellow couponers (you’ll know who they are because you’ll spot their binders or coupon envelopes) and ask about which blogs they follow.  This will help you to discover new ones you might not have otherwise heard of. 

Couponers who demonstrate generosity help to off-set the bad press that couponing has received on the news and from that cable couponing show (you know the one).  By showing others that most couponers aren’t shelf clearers, hoarders or neurotic you might inspire them to give couponing a chance. 


  1. I always feel bad scoping out other people's carts or what they may be getting off the shelf... it feels like I'm prying. Any tips on how to approach this?

    I guess it's time to embrace my southern-ness and go outside my comfort zone.

  2. I tend to be a Chatty Cathy and am usually talking with people in the aisles or checkout lanes. You can usually gauge from people's expressions if they are open to your offering a coupon or not. Most of the time they are so thrilled to get one, but every so often someone will look at me strange when I offer one. Usually when I offer them to people in the aisles I'm picking up something similar or am right next to them, which helps.

    I'm sure it is also a cultural thing. Bigger cities or places in different parts of the country might not be as receptive to someone offering them a coupon. I encourage you to go with your gut.

    If being a coupon fairy at the store isn't your thing, you might send extras to a community center or to someone you know in the military.

    Thanks for the great comment!