October 21, 2011

Can you help this reader?

211057_138553919372_4239119_n A reader and friend left a comment on the CICT Facebook wall asking the following question:

Good morning Gabe. Any experience/thoughts about something called E-mealz? It's something that Dave Ramsey endorses. We're thinking about trying it out.

I haven’t used this program before.  Have any of you?  And if so, do you have any feedback you could offer him?


  1. I've read a lot about it and follow their blog. I was tempted to try it (it's not very expensive) but I stopped myself. They offer meal planning (with recipes) based on sales ads. You pick the store you shop at (Aldi's, Kroger, Walmart etc.) and they send you a weekly plan, based on the current in store sales and the recipes for those meals. Now, I thought this was genius and when they said that their meal plans are usually around the $75 - $85 dollar range for a family I thought "AWESOME" but then I thought about it some more. That's $75 - $85 for dinners only - no breakfast, no lunches, no drinks or snacks, just dinner. I usually spend around $150 for two weeks of groceries and that is for my dinners, breakfasts, snacks, drinks, lunches - the whole kit 'n kaboodle. So when I really thought about it I realized that it was not the deal for me. Other people may be spending way more than so maybe it will be a good deal for someone.

  2. I have used this service for over a year now. I found an online code for a discount for my first enrollment in the program. The previous comment accurately describes the service, so I will just offer my comments about my use of the service. I cook for two adults and two small kids, I use the Kroger family plan. If I purchased the food for all seven meals I would use up my complete budget up on dinner too, but because the meals fix more than we will eat in a meal we will use some for leftover meals and I reduce how many meals I have to make for the week. We also use the leftover for lunches. Why I like this service - I get frustrated planning meals for a week (or two as I'm doing now) and without a plan we eat out more, I waste food, and I don't enjoy the process of cooking dinner each night. This service gives me a jump start on my meal planning. The recipes vary and have few repeats over a year and offer the opportunities to try new thing in our household. I supplement my family's meals with some of our family favorites every week in addition to the planned meals. Am I getting my money's worth out of the service ? I think so, for about a dollar a week someone else suggests meals that are cost conscious and correlate with current sales. If I need to save money I can avoid the more expensive ingredients. Will I continue long term? At this point I will because it helps with intangibles like reducing frustrations when being creative with meal planning or approaching the kitchen at dinner time.

  3. Great info. Thanks so much for your responses! Given the rut that I've been in for a couple of weeks now with my cooking, it might be something to try for our family, even if it were just short term.