October 17, 2011

Shopping Trips and Deals

Yesterday afternoon, I did a little shopping with the family.  I’m sure I could have managed a few more deals, but like I said in an earlier post, I was fighting allergies and not feeling up to par.  Below are a few highlights I thought I’d mention if you are shopping this week.

Three Rivers Market—I finally made it to their Grand Opening Celebration Sale.  It was the last day of the sale, and we enjoyed samples of interesting cheeses and many other goodies around the store (cookies, corn cakes, crackers, chocolate, tea, chips, etc).  I picked up the Spectrum Organic Olive Oil for $10.99 after the Co-op Deals coupon.  The price wasn’t too far off from what I saw at Sam’s when last there, and this is organic.  My favorite Tahini for making hummus was on sale for $5. 67, and I added it to the cart.  After a few more purchases of the basics like milk and carrots and sushi (sushi is a basic need, right???), I checked out using my 10% member discount as part of the Grand Opening Celebration Sale. 

Walgreens—I didn’t bother with the other freebies and kept it simple by purchasing the FREE Walgreens brand maxi pads—buy for $2 and receive a $2 RR.  For my second transaction, I bought a couple of cans of Lindsay black olives (99cts each with in store ad Q) and a couple of Morton salts (2/$1 with in store ad Q) and a Puffs 200 count tissue box (in store ad coupon of 2/$3, and I had a $1/1 manufacturer coupon).  I saved right at 67%.

Kroger—I mentioned the snafu with my receipt in the tip of the day today.  I purchased 2 pounds of butter (on sale for $2.50 each, and I had a 50ct/2 coupon), 1 Cover Girl Blush and 1 Cover Girl eye shadow (total came to $8.20, and I had the $8/2 coupon from the P&G earlier in the month), 3 bags of Halloween candy (used the $1.50/3 coupon from yesterday’s paper, 1 was free because of the scan right promise, the other two were $2.50 each), 1 Twix candy bar (FREE with the coupon I received from their Twix game), whole wheat bread, and detergent (I had a high value Purex coupon).  I saved a little over 55%. 

I’ll hope to also make it into Office Max this week for free after rebate paper and Target for a few of the freebie deals.  What about you?  What great deals have you found in the stores this week?

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  1. I went to Kroger tonight in Powell. The cashier told me the coupon policy may change on Sunday, October 23rd. It may limit the number of coupons used in each transaction. For example, say you were buying 3 Suave deodorants. You can only use 2 coupons, not three.

    Has anyone else heard about this policy change?