October 17, 2011

Tip of the day—Check your receipt

I try to remind you of this tip every so often, and my trip to Kroger yesterday is a good reason why.  Fighting allergies the evening before and morning of my trip, I was a little more groggy than normal.  When I checked out and my total was $27 and change, I thought it was high, but I couldn’t figure out what had happened.  As I always try to do, I stopped out of the way and checked my receipt before leaving the store.  I realized that two errors had been made.  The first was that a coupon had become stuck in the depths of my pocket, and I failed to give it to the clerk.  Since it was an $8/2 Cover Girl coupon, that amount took a serious dent off of my total.  Also one of the three bags of candy I had bought for Halloween had a different price than I had thought--$3.59 instead of $2.50.  I asked the front desk manager to see if I had made an error or if it were marked incorrectly.  He went to the seasonal aisle with me, and I was pleased to learn that the error was theirs.  This meant that I received the candy for free due to their scan right promise!  The cost of not checking my receipt and discovering those errors would have been $11.59.  Always double check!


  1. If you miss a coupon and discover it before you leave the store, do they let you use it even after the items were rung up?

  2. I'm sure it varies from store to store, but the Krogers that I have been to in Knoxville all allow this. You bring the receipt and coupon to the customer service desk, tell them about forgetting it, and they honor it. I was first told about this by a Kroger employee who said that I could bring the receipt in the next time I came in if I forgot a coupon at home and wanted to buy the product that day. As with anything, don't abuse it. They are always super nice when I've had to do this.