October 19, 2011

Tip of the day—Do it once, do it right

Ever heard the saying, “Do it right the first time”?  I’ve been thinking about that lately and how it applies to so many areas of life.  Right now it seems like our culture is so focused on the disposable—seeking the quick fix, the next big thing.  Often that has not only big environmental costs but can waste time, energy, and money.  Below are a few tips and thoughts:

  • When making purchases, invest a little more money in something that will last.  There is a big difference in a pair of shoes bought at a discount store and glued together than ones that are made with quality in mind.  Yep, you’ll pay a little more for them, but chances are you’ll have them for years as compared to a season or two.  When I was younger, I often shopped at a chain clothing store that is very popular.  I was pleased with the bargains, but as I became a little older and wiser I realized that they weren’t really bargains at all. The jeans often faded after a few washes and wore thin after only a few months of wear.  The shirts wrinkled like crazy and were a hassle to iron.  The seams often came loose in clothes and the construction of the clothing was poor in quality. 
  • Try to see the big picture and plan ahead.  Buying a 2 door car when you are pregnant isn’t the best idea.  You’ll later find that wiggling a car seat in and out of the backseat over and over again is a pain.  Since we tend to keep our vehicles for about 10 years, we try to think ahead to how we’ll use the car in future  years. 
  • We recently updated the office closet.  By we, I mean of course that I came up with the crazy idea and my husband did all of the work.  Thank you Hubby! ;)  We had an option—do we rig things together and have a hodgepodge of shelves or do we invest a little more money, do it right, and then have a nice closet that might boost the interest in the home if and when we choose to sell it later?  Guess which we chose.  Again, thanks Hubby! 
  • Band-aid vs fix.  Often in healthcare people want the easy fix.  Sometimes the fix isn’t that easy—sometimes it requires work.  Sometimes it requires a lifestyle change.  When I was younger, I had problems with my stomach.  I was prescribed one of those pills to help reduce acid and make you feel better.  Yep, it made me feel better, but then I realized I was popping a pill every day.  I decided to get to the root of the problem.  I exercised more, reduced my stress level, ate healthier and guess what?  No more stomach problems.  It was easier to take the pill, but it was a facade.  It didn’t solve anything and gave me the illusion of a fix. 

What about you?  How does the phrase “Do it right the first time” relate to your life?

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