October 25, 2011

Tip of the day—Don’t be afraid to ask

A couple of years ago, I received a mega sticker shock when I received my bill at the salon.  I had a very straightforward trim and the bill was almost $50.  I paid it, but I vowed that I would never again be surprised by a bill because I was too embarrassed to ask about the pricing.  Larger salons usually have a tiered system with their pricing for cut and styles.  The more experienced stylists charge more and the newer, less experienced stylists charge less.  If you are new to the salon and don’t ask what price your stylist charges, you’ll most likely be shocked like I was. 

Yesterday I made an appointment at a new salon where I had received a gift certificate from a friend for my birthday.  The first question that I asked was how much it would cost to get my hair cut and styled, explaining that I was fine with having the stylist that cost less.  It was a little uncomfortable asking the question, and I could tell that the receptionist hadn’t had the question asked very often.  I was a little flustered after the phone call but that soon faded when I realized that instead of just getting a hair cut with the money on the gift certificate I had enough to also book a thirty minute massage.  Today I look forward to some luxurious pampering!

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  1. I learned this lesson the hard way too. About 5 years ago I went to a nice restaurant with some friends and I ordered the special without asking what the price was. When my bill came and I saw that it was $39, I just about had a heart attack! Now I know to ALWAYS ask what something costs up front :)