October 3, 2011

Tip of the day—Everything in its Place

Today’s Tip of the Day is from Lisa Taylor of the Swap 2 Save Coupon Club.  I recently learned that she is a consultant for the Clever Container Company and asked her if she could share some organization tips with us.  Among the many organization tools that the company offers is the Couponizer (page 44), an organization system that I have been wanting to try for couponing. Since I mostly use the clipless system, I think that this smaller organization tool will be perfect for the few coupons that I do clip.  Lisa is hosting a catalog party on her Facebook page—if you are interested in ordering, I know she’d be happy to help you!

Lisa, thanks for your fantastic tips! 

When was the last time you took a good look at the contents of your clothes closet, your desk drawers, the kids’ toy box, or even your automobile?  Does the thought alone cause your head to pound and your eyes to cross?  Clutter and disorganization can lead to chaos but with some quick and easy steps you can tidy up the mess and banish the stress altogether.

  • Set aside some “clean out” time every day, or at least every week, to find proper resting places for all of your space stealers.  But, keep the focus on only ONE AREA at a time.  Trying to tackle the entire house in one day will only create additional stress, and can often lead to procrastination.
  • The golden rule of organizing:  If you haven’t worn it or used it in a year, toss it!  The exception, of course, would be items that hold sentimental value.  Take care in storing such items in appropriate bags or containers, and use acid free products to preserve documents and photos.
  • Look for items that tend to accumulate then create a new home for them.  Clutter is a sign that your current storage system isn’t working.  When you can no longer close the junk drawer it’s time to reorganize.
  • Sort items into specific categories:  Trash, Move Elsewhere, Donate, Keep Here.  Once the sorting is complete determine the size, shape, and number of containers you need to keep the space in order.  Products such as craft stations, drawer organizers, and storage cubes can be excellent tools.
  • Getting as many items as possible off of the floor is an important step in this process.  Not only does this improve the esthetics of a space, it also makes it much easier to effectively clean the floor space.  Using vertical storage solutions such as hanging pocket systems can be helpful.  By positioning them at different heights this allows ease of access for both children and adults.
  • As you de-clutter, look for trends in your cast-offs.  For instance, if you are throwing out more than one non-functioning flashlight, consider investing in a better one.  If something is broken or unsafe get rid of it.  But remember that some items must be recycled or discarded in specific ways.  Such items include:  batteries, CFL light bulbs, financial documents, latex based paints, ink cartridges, and medications.  Ask what your local landfill will accept and learn proper disposal methods.

Just remember, clutter = chaos,  but in an organized space peace and tranquility reign.

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