October 23, 2011

Tip of the day—Read the coupon completely

It is always embarrassing to me as a couponer when I make a mistake with a coupon.  Recently at a local restaurant, I showed our waitress the two coupons we were planning to use.  Then when we went to checkout, they said we could only use one of them.  I asked to speak to the manager, and he showed me on the coupon where it said that they couldn’t be used together.  I had read the coupon beforehand, but I had only focused on the part that said that the coupon for a free child’s meal was with purchase of an adult.  I failed to understand that the adult meal must be full price.  The manager was nice about it, seeing that I wasn’t sure why the waitress had failed to clarify this on the front end, and he honored both coupons. 

The experience made me reflect on how often I’ll read a coupon quickly and not fully grasp all of its regulations.  Manufacturer coupons are usually pretty straightforward, but coupons for local businesses and restaurants are not always so.  Sometimes they have general directions in big letters with stipulations in small writing.  The advertising ploy clearly works—our minds focus on what we want to see.  I wanted to see that our daughter’s meal would be free if we were with her and purchased one.  I wanted the coupon to work for Hubby and my meal as well, and my eyes played tricks on me.  Next time, I’ll save myself a little embarrassment and read over it more than once. 

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