October 26, 2011

Tip of the day—Reminder about Corner of Your Field

I wanted to take a quick moment and remind you all about this local program through KARM Thrift Stores.  Our church has partnered with Corner of Your Field for almost a year now, and the partnership has allowed us to help even more people.  When we donate to KARM Thrift Stores and include the church’s name, we earn points towards gift cards to the thrift stores.  The church then uses those gift cards to help others in need. 

A snapshot of what we’ve done thus far--

  • Earlier this year the church had our spring rummage sale.  All of the goods leftover from the sale were picked up by KARM. 
  • We received $340 in $10 increment gift cards soon after that donation. 
  • As we’ve learned of people in need, we’ve donated gift cards to them.  For instance, we’ve given cards to 2 families who have had house fires, 1 family who needed clothing for school aged children, 1 older adult in need of clothes with limited funds, and we have cards left to help others.  The beauty of the cards is that they are just gift cards. They carry no stigma or special wording that details that they were given to someone in need.  The only catch is that the card must be used in its entirety, as they won’t carry a balance.  Therefore if you buy something that costs $8 and use a $10 gift card, you’ll either need to buy something else that costs $2 or that money is wasted. 
  • As church members and friends of the church make donations to KARM we encourage them to give the church’s name.  As we have more rummage sales (one is coming up the first weekend in November!) we donate what we have left to KARM. 

If your church is interested in partnering, I encourage you to contact KARM to make inquiries.  Please also support KARM Thrift Stores with your patronage. In my opinion they tend to be cleaner and have better stuff than some of the other thrift stores in my neighborhood.  In fact, I’m heading there later today to do some shopping! 

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