December 14, 2011

Ask for the greenery

As you know, I’m no longer posting tips of the day, but I will be adding a few posts here and there as they occur to me.  Yesterday I was in Kroger and saw two little sprigs of Christmas tree branches selling for $4 each!  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Whenever we buy a Christmas tree, we always ask the farmer for any extra greenery he or she might have from trimming the bottom of the trees.  They are usually more than happy to throw in the extras because it keeps them from having to discard them.  I then use florist’s wire and wrap them in swags along the front porch for decoration.  I use bright red bows here and there, and it instantly feels like Christmas.  This year I used some of the bigger branches in some of my outdoor pots.  I stuck them into the dirt, and the result looks like a miniature Christmas tree.  I add some more greenery here and there in vases around the house to make use of whatever is left.  If I had paid for the same amount at Kroger, I would have paid over $60!!

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