December 11, 2011

Handprint Christmas Tree

Again, this is another craft that I found on Pinterest.  Each time I look at it, I smile! (Please excuse my lack of photography talent—Hubby is normally the one who takes the shots for the blog.  The left side is a little cut off and the whole thing is crooked, but I thought you’d get the idea).

DSC_6953 What you need--

Paint (green, white, gold, and brown)
Palette (I used an old aluminum pie tin)
Newspaper to cover your counter top


1.  Because I have artists in my family and took art for a while, I can’t stand the thought of using a bare canvas.  I painted it a creamy white and let it dry completely.

2.  Help your child make his or her handprints in the shape of a Christmas tree.  Let that dry.

3.  Add the star and trunk of the tree.  You can add fingerprint ornaments, but I liked it being plain like this.  Voila!  This is a great keepsake or would be a good extra gift for a grandparent.  I also thought about using a really large canvas and letting a class of kiddos do this for their teacher. 

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