December 26, 2011

How was your Christmas?

DSC_7058We had a lovely day yesterday.  Since I don’t make a habit of showing photos of my family on the blog, I can only include a few shots from the day.  I’m going to be cheesy and just include a couple of me.  ;)  This is the Christmas spread minus a few of the casseroles that weren’t put out yet.  All of the desserts were on the buffet table.  Nothing super fancy, but it was delicious. 

DSC_7049 For church we all dressed up extra special.  Hubby was in one of his nicest suits and ties, and Daughter had Shirley Temple curls and a sweet dress (hand-me-down from our cousins).   You can see our tree in the background with the gorgeous crocheted ornaments and tree toppers that my sister made for me last year. 

Probably the biggest hit among the gifts for our daughter was a drum set she received from her PawPaw.  As I type I’m listening to a concert of drum beats from daughter with kazoo and recorders alternating from my Hubby.  Our neighbors are going to kill us! ;0)

Hoping that your Christmas was a sweet one! 

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