December 9, 2011

Making crafts with our daughter, and my new Pinterest addiction

If you don’t yet know about Pinterest, you probably shouldn’t read the rest of this post.  If you are anything like me, you’ll soon become addicted to it and find more decorating, craft, cooking, and clothing ideas than you ever needed.  I don’t even have an account yet, but I can spend waaaaay too long scrolling through other people’s pins and seeing so many cute ideas.  At this point you’ve been properly warned, and if you so desire to check it out, do so.  ;)

This year daughter and I have been super crafty. As you who have read the blog for a while know, I’m not a crafty person by nature.  I’m just not that gal, but I do like the idea of being that gal and every so often will slip into that role.  Lately I’ve also been thinking about how quickly our daughter is growing up.  She’s the only child God has given us, and I want to make sure that I enjoy every bit of raising her that I can.  If the house is messy because we’ve been painting, so what?   We are making memories, and I realized how important it is to prioritize just that.  All of that said, we began the Christmas season with our fingers dotted with paint.

The first of the crafts that we tried was making paint swirls in glass globe ornaments.

DSC_6947 DSC_6949 DSC_6948

What you need—

Clear ornaments, we used glass
Paint, we used the cheap craft paint you can get at Hobby Lobby
Newspaper or another way to cover the counter tops
Egg cartons, this was helpful in allowing them a place to dry and drain


1.  Remove the metal hanging piece and expose the opening of the ornament.

2.  Some websites suggest that you first rinse the inside with alcohol.  We didn’t do this, and we didn’t have any problems.

3.  Use 2-4 colors of paint in each ornament.  I recommend a base color, a lighter tint (white), and a metallic color.  Use a paper cup in the shape of a cone as a funnel if working with small children (cut the tip end off), but our 5 year old did just fine with squirting in globs of paint.

4.  Swirl the paint together, adding a little more of your colors as needed.  You can let the ornament rest in the egg carton as needed to let the paint slowly move from one side to another, covering the glass completely. 

5.  If you are anything like us, you’ll have a lot of extra paint in the ornament.  What I found helpful, was to drain the excess from one ornament into a new ornament.  The paint swirled and marbled even more beautifully when we did this.  Leave the ornaments with the hangers off of them on the egg cartons to dry.  You can continue to swirl the paint every few hours if you desire.  In a day’s time if you notice that there is still running paint in the bottom, set the ornament upside down so that it can drain into the pool of the egg carton.  Let it dry at least another day before capping it with the hanger. 

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  1. Glad your posting again, I've missed you! I'm a Pinterest fan too, it can be addictive!!