March 26, 2012

Making Meals Easier

Whenever I have a busy day, I do what I can to prep supper in advance.  This morning, for instance, I put the chicken on to roast and the brown rice on the stove to cook.  Having those steps accomplished before evening will allow me to put food on the table in a matter of minutes.  Below are a few tips and ideas on this same train of thought:

  • Use your crockpot if you have one.  My sister preps her meal before she leaves for school and supper is ready when they arrive home.
  • Double the amount of food you cook and set aside half for another meal.
  • Prep more.  If you’ve already pulled out the cutting board, knife, and are in the mindset to chop an onion, you might as well chop a couple more.  I’ve read that onions pull bacteria from the air at a fast rate so I recommend that you store the extras in the freezer to prohibit this from occurring. 
  • Plan meals that require little hands on time.  Beans with rice is one of the easiest meals to make, but it does require some forethought.  Remembering to soak the beans and then having the time to let them cook is the hardest part of making this meal. 
  • Involve the family.  While it may take more time now, teaching your family to cook will pay off in the long run. 

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