April 2, 2012

Day 2—Knoxville Real Food Challenge Update

Yesterday I joined the Knoxville Real Food Challenge, which will run for ten days and is based on the blog 100 Days of Real Food.  The basic idea is to go back to how we once ate—real food, no processed junk.

As I told you yesterday, I miss my coffee.  Because I didn’t want to take the time this morning to experiment with vanilla or mocha recipes, I decided to just stick with black tea.  The type I bought with dried blackberries added to the leaves helped to give it a sweet flavor while still giving me a bit of perk this morning.  Not a perfect fix, but it worked.

Today the challenge was a little more challenging for me because it was a busy day and I was running errands.  I spent some time last night planning our meals and doing some prep work, but if I had not had time to return home after picking up our daughter from school for lunch, I probably would have buckled and picked up something while out. 

I managed, but the experience taught me how reliant on convenience foods I have become.  Meat or peanut butter for sandwiches were both out because one isn’t local and one has sugar in it.    I’ll have to rethink the idea of what I add to my sandwiches or if I opt for them at all during this process. 

As for the 5 ingredient rule, I’m going to be breaking it very soon.  I have a feeling that the author meant to use this as a tool to guard against overly processed foods.  My homemade soup contains a lot more ingredients than 5, but given that almost all of them are veggies or herbs, I’m thinking that is just fine. Winking smile

So, what did I eat today?

Breakfast—Soaked oatmeal using local milk, organic maple syrup and organic butter

Lunch—Leftover chicken drumsticks, green beans, and peas with a slice of bread and butter

Supper—Homemade hummus (all organic—chickpeas, garlic, olive oil, non-organic tahini), carrots and celery, crackers (the regionally made ones I mentioned yesterday)

Snacks—Crackers, apple, banana, raisins

Tea and milk to drink

Onward and upward—we’ll see how tomorrow goes.  I know from other challenges I’ve tried that it tends to get a little easier with time.  One thing is for sure, the food I’m eating is delicious!


  1. I enjoy your updates. I have found the same thing for our family, when we're busy running out and about it's very easy to depend on packaged foods.
    The 5 ingredient rule is just for packaged foods, not for foods you make yourself.
    Did you see the New Harvest Park market opens next week? Yay!

  2. I'm excited to hear that it opens next week! I'll look forward to buying straight from the farmers!!