April 6, 2012

Day 6—Knoxville Real Food Challenge

For those of you who don’t know, I’m participating in the ten day Knoxville Real Food Challenge.  My update is below.

Now is when it gets interesting.  Easter is almost here, which means that Lent is almost over.  For Lent I focused on getting rid of some foods that had become stumbling blocks for me, and as a result I noticed a big change in myself.  I felt better, lost a little weight, and saved some cash.  There is a big part of me that sees Easter as a fork in the road.  Do I use it as a time to say that for the most part those things are behind me, I’m freed of them?  Do I enjoy them in moderation on special occasions but at the same time risk that becoming a habit again?  Or, do I just say that Lent is over and go back to old behaviors?    What to do, what to do? 

In reflecting on how as our pastor put it “God makes change in 40 days”, I think that Lent has given me an opportunity to conquer some unhealthy food habits.  Perhaps God put this Real Food Challenge in my life right at the time that Lent is ending is telling.  We’ll see…

Today’s update--

Breakfast—Farm fresh eggs over easy, selection of either cinnamon raisin or plain honey whole wheat toast, pineapple.  Today’s coffee was made using the steamed milk trick that Rebecca taught me and I tried yesterday.  This time I added a spoonful of cocoa.  It didn’t taste as good.  For the second cup I added the cocoa with a touch of vanilla which softened the flavor a bit.  Tomorrow I’ll go back to the steamed, frothed milk with a little vanilla and coffee. 

Lunch—Hubby and daughter enjoyed homemade applesauce per her suggestion and sandwiches.  I had some errands today and brought with me leftover sweet potatoes (I’m weird and like them cold the next day almost as much as I like them fresh), herbed crackers (regionally made), fruit leather (no sugar, organic).  Then I enjoyed a second nosh with Hubby and daughter of rosemary crackers (regional), gouda cheese, and apple slices. 

Last night I planned the meal for tonight’s supper—roasted quail with vegetables—but I failed to take the darn quail out of the freezer.  I checked it a while ago, and it was still rock solid.  Upon Hubby’s suggestion, we are going to enjoy some restaurant food tonight.  Some nights are just like that.  Doesn’t the quote go something like “The best laid plans of mice and men, oft do go awry”? 

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