April 7, 2012

Day 7—Knoxville Real Food Challenge

The day before Easter almost always means a lot of cooking is going on in our family members’ kitchens.  Daughter and I started by making a carrot cake, per her request.  (If you haven’t yet tried this carrot cake recipe, it is the best I’ve ever eaten.  It is completely from scratch, but it does contain some sugar, which does not fit in the real food rules.)  We then boiled eggs because it has become a tradition to help the Easter Bunny out by dying the eggs for him and leaving them on the back porch for him to hide.  He always seems to bring some of his own eggs, too, but I’m sure he’s relieved that we keep his work load a little lighter.  Then after a trip to the church for the annual Easter egg hunt there, we started on the cabbage rolls

This year was the first year that our daughter showed any interest in rolling the cabbage rolls.  I held back tears of pride as I watched her follow my instructions and roll one after another.  I told her, as I will probably always tell her on Easter, the stories of rolling them with my father and grandparents and how their parents and grandparents before them rolled them.  I told her of the many recipes for this dish and how on some years we would have them rolled in grape leaves instead because of the novelty of having grapes in my grandfather’s backyard garden.  I thought of how one day she will probably do the same with her children. 

See, food is that way.  There is something about it that transcends all of us.  Because many kind hands took the time to teach me, I’m able to teach her.  It will be as if they are dining with us tomorrow because of the legacy that continues.  Food is important, and like I’ve said countless times, it nourishes our souls as well as our bodies.

Today’s update--

Breakfast—organic yogurt with local honey and blueberries from the freezer (picked locally and from our garden), cinnamon raisin bread/toast (locally made), and coffee with steamed, frothed milk (local milk)

Lunch—leftover grits, broccoli and cauliflower, gouda cheese, crackers (regionally made), carrot

Sample—because you have to sample when you are cooking!  The cabbage roll filling

Supper—Rosemary quail and brown rice

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